Life at Theoretical Computer Science Lab, IIT Madras

It’s been a while since I blogged, in any of my blogs… I thought to re-initiate this one with a rather non-technical post..

Now that it has almost been 6 weeks that I have joined the TCS Lab, or as it is called by our Prof – “Hangout for Crypto Geeks and Algo Freaks” (which he quite literally put outside the lab!!), I want to write about my experience here.

With a lot of help from my host and the dean of students here, I was given a rather comfortable hostel accommodation to begin with. The TCS Lab is overall a fun place to work at, you have friendly neighbors, coffee hater(s), who still humor(s) me by accompanying me to the refreshment room (oh did I mention that the department has its own refreshment room that serves Cafe Coffee Day quality coffee 😀 ) and of course a great environment and sense of freedom available at our disposal. 


The TCS Lab

I think freedom is really needed to help students (like me) explore avenues before ‘converging’ to one.. Choosing a specialization is like choosing an Ice Cream flavor – they’re all good! but at the end of the day, you will be happier with your favorite flavor. The freedom to explore and choose makes students less vulnerable to be demotivated in the later phases of research and I feel it also allows room for more unconventional and bold research.

Talking of Freedom, it is not just available to the students here, but also to the wildlife! It is very common to find Deers, Bucks and Monkeys in the campus, in fact, there’s hardly any lane in the campus which aren’t visited by the deers, the great thing here is the campus seems to be actually shared by everyone (quite literally) 

Deer in IITM

a somewhat baffled deer, they are not accustomed to cameras!


White buck IIT Madras

I think this is a white buck

Being here is certainly one heck of a way to finish off one’s bachelors thesis, there’s always something happening.. from phd seminars to regular class-room based lectures (which the Prof allowed me to audit, I am really thankful to him for that). 

There’s even a pretty vibrant community outside in the campus with a CCD about a stone throw away, a really nice basket ball court and pretty well organized hostels.




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